Commit eb65664f authored by Manuel Grizonnet's avatar Manuel Grizonnet

ENH: let isIndexed attribute to false

parent 4e7c865c
......@@ -1205,7 +1205,23 @@ void GDALImageIO::InternalReadImageInformation()
if ((GDALGetRasterColorInterpretation(hBand) == GCI_PaletteIndex)
&& (hTable = GDALGetRasterColorTable(hBand)) != ITK_NULLPTR)
m_IsIndexed = true;
// Mantis: 1049 : OTB does not handle tif with NBITS=1 properly
// When a palette is available and pixel type is Byte, the image is
// automatically read as a color image (using the palette). Perhaps this
// behaviour should be restricted. Comment color table interpretation in
// gdalimageio
// FIXME: Better support of color table in OTB
// - disable palette conversion in GDALImageIO (the comments in this part
// of the code are rather careful)
// - GDALImageIO should report the palette to ImageFileReader (as a metadata ?
// a kind of LUT ?).
// - ImageFileReader should use a kind of adapter filter to convert the mono
// image into color.
// Do not set indexed image attribute to true
//m_IsIndexed = true;
unsigned int ColorEntryCount = GDALGetColorEntryCount(hTable);
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