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Merge branch 'update_psc_rules' into 'develop'

New rules for Merge Request acceptance (PSC meeting 2018-02-22)

See merge request !21
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......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ template. The merge request will then be discussed by the community and the core
OTB team.
* Merge requests can not be merged until all discussions have been resolved (this is enforced by GitLab)
* Merge requests **must receive at least 2 positives votes from PSC members** before being merged
* Merge requests **must receive at least 2 positives votes from core developers** (members of Main Repositories group in Gitlab with at least "Developer" level; this includes PSC members) before being merged
* The merger is responsible for checking that the branch is up-to-date with develop
* Merge requests can be merged by anyone (not just PSC or RM) with push access to develop
* Merge requests can be merged once the dashboard is proven green for this branch
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ decision-making, or in case of disputes over voting.
A vote of the PSC is required in the following cases:
1. Merge Request
1. Some Merge Request (see below)
2. Addition or removal of PSC members (including the selection of a new
3. Release process
......@@ -134,22 +134,23 @@ In addition, a vote can be summoned for:
#### Merge Request
A Merge Request describes a change in Orfeo ToolBox code, API,
infrastructure or processes that need to be submitted to the PSC vote:
All changes in Orfeo ToolBox (code, API, infrastructure or processes) must be
handle with a Merge Request :
- Anything that could cause backward compatibility issues,
- Adding substantial amounts of new code,
- Changing inter-subsystem APIs, or objects,
- Any change in the code or in the documentation.
It should describe :
Merge Request can implement an issue in GitLab.
1. What changes will be made and why they will make a better Orfeo
2. When will those changes be available (target release or date)
3. Who will be developing the proposed changes
Merge Requests must be provided to a git hosted platform (GitLab, GitHub, etc.).
Merge request can be discussed on the developer list or directly on GitLab.
Those elements can be provided in an email to the developer list or on a
git hosted platform (GitLab, GitHub, etc.).
Votes are necessary to accept Merge Request :
- Core developers ('Master' members in Gitlab ; it includes PSC members) can vote
- At least two +1 are necessary
- PSC members have veto
#### Add or remove PSC members
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