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Dogfooding PolygonClassStatistics application

Manuel Grizonnet requested to merge dogfooding_PolygonClassStatistics into develop


I've used today the PolygonClassStatistics and have made few improvements to the application this morning.

These improvements concern:

  • Test output parameter filename extension before polygon analysis
  • Improvement in parameter descriptions

I hope that it could help the application usability.


  • Indicate in the mask short description that it is a valisity mask
  • Check file extension in DoUpdateParameters
  • fix spelling

The only improvements in the application is a check of output filename extension (.XML) before performing polygons analysis. For now with a wrong extension, the exception were triggered after the analysis (which can take several minutes)

Implementation Details

Classes and files

PolygonClassStatistics is modified.

Also added a const string instead of string in OTb XML file writer.




Improvements of PolygonClassStatistics parameters

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