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StreamingStatisticsMapFromLabelImageFilter no data support

Laurențiu Nicola requested to merge streaming-statistics-map-nodata into develop


  • add a progress reporter
  • reduce copying and lookups in otb::StreamingStatisticsMapFromLabelImageFilter
  • add support for ignoring pixels containing a certain value ("no data")


When processing time series, it often happens that some values are missing. These changes make it possible to compute the various statistics while ignoring these no data values.

The statistics are still computed independently for each band, so a no data value in one of the bands does not exclude the pixel from the computation of the statistics for the bands.

Implementation Details

The three changes are separate commits to make reviewing easier.

Additional notes

I'm not sure if adding the itk::ProgressReporter is enough, no progress seemed to be displayed in my quick test.


The copyright owner is CS ROMANIA / Laurențiu Nicola and has signed the ORFEO ToolBox Contributor License Agreement.

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