CI setup all pipelines

Merged Guillaume Pasero requested to merge ci_all_pipelines into develop

Introduce 4 levels of pipelines:

  • WIP: single branch without merge request
  • MR : branch with a merge request
  • develop : push to develop
  • release : push to a release-. branch

For the moment there is no distinction between "WIP:..." merge requests and non-wip MR. This will come later, after the update to Gitlab 11.9 (support of CI_MERGE_REQUEST_TITLE variable).

Other modification: the name of CDash builds is adapted with the pipeline profile:

  • if there is a MR : 6d39e75e (ci_all_pipelines to develop)
  • if there is only a branch name or a tag : 6d39e75e (ci_all_pipelines)

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