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Enhance otb sar sensor model adapter


This merge request contains new methods into otbSarSensorModelAdapter to expose more functions from ossimSarSensorModel.


The main aim of this changes is to expose some ossimSarSensorModel functions across the otbSarSensorModelAdapter. The exposed functions will be used to implement new SAR algorithms.

Implementation Details

Classes and files

Four new methods are now available into otbSarSensorModelAdapter :

  • WorldToLineSampleYZ :Transform world point (lat,lon,hgt) to input image point (col,row) and YZ frame
  • WorldToLineSample : Transform world point (lat,lon,hgt) to input image point (col,row)
  • WorldToCartesian : Transform world point (lat,lon,hgt) to cartesian point (x,y,z)
  • WorldToSatPositionAndVelocity : Transform world point (lat,lon,hgt) to satellite position (x,y,z) and satellite velocity


No change.


A test has been added to sarSensorModelAdapter and the new functions of otbSarSensorModelAdapter have been called in the test for sanity check.


Short doxygen description for all 4 new methods.

Additional notes


Edited by Julien Michel

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