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Script to setup a namespace for OTB imported targets

Guillaume Pasero requested to merge change_cmake_namespace into develop

This script allows to protect the imported target in OTB install with a namespace. By default, when doing find_package(OTB), OTB libraries, applications and executables are declared as IMPORTED targets. But if a target name is in conflict with your project, CMake will throw an error.

Let say I want to build SertitObject remote module as standalone. The target otbapp_Aggregate may be declared twice: in the OTB package, and in SertitObject sources.

With the script, NamespaceHandler.cmake, you can set a namespace in front of all IMPORTED targets of OTB install tree.

For instance, calling:

ctest -DNAMESPACE:STRING="NS" -S NamespaceHandler.cmake

will transform otbapp_Aggregate into NS::otbapp_Aggregate. The double colon also has a special meaning for target names: CMake will check that the target is either an IMPORTED or ALIAS.

Note: this script will be used for the CI of remote module SertitObject, and maybe other remote modules that are already in OTB standalone packages.

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