BUG: #2046 Add an epsilon margin to compute the m_ReachableOutputRegion

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The application Superimpose crashed with a segmentation fault during resampling. Investigation revealed that the interpolated index was out of image bounds. The application uses the PHR mode and resamples the XS image with a otb::GridResampleImageFilter. This filter doesn't check explicitly that input indexes are in the input buffered region. It uses a m_ReachableOutputRegion to crop the output region processed. The problem appears because an output pixel is right on the border of the input image extent, and when someone uses a nearest neighbor interpolator, this one converts the continuous index to an out-of-bound index.

The solution was to introduce an epsilon margin to compute the m_ReachableOutputRegion.


Closes #2046 (closed)

Implementation Details

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otbGridResampleImageFilter: Add new attribute m_InterpolationMargin with corresponding get/set. Set it's default value to 0.0. Use it in processing.


Superimpose: Set the margin to 1e-9 when using nearest neighbor interpolation.


Added a new test for the Superimpose application with PHR images and nearest neighbor interpolation.


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