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Reading the metadata from the geom files without OSSIM

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Implement the classes to read GEOM files


OSSIM is in charge of the interface with the geom files. As we remove OSSIM, we need a new interface. The new framework for the metadata will not need to write geom files, because it will use GDAL's ability to deal with metadata. So we only need to implement a geom file reader. See #2106 (closed).

Implementation Details

Classes and files

New class GeomMetadataSupplier

Modification of ImageFileReader, so it uses GeomMetadataSupplier when a GEOM file is present. It first tries to read a geom provided in the extended filename. If not found, it tries to read a GEOM file next to the image file. If not found, it uses GDAL to read the metadata stored in the image file. For now, this new metadata reading mechanism works in parallel to the former mechanism based on OSSIM and KeyWordLists. But the old mechanism will be removed with #2089 (closed).


A classical GEOM file is read and is written to a file. This file is then compared to an other file containing the expected result.


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Closes #2106 (closed)

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